Daan's Desk

Where the magic really happens is here, at Daan’s Desk. With the help of his three incredibly talented cats, Thalia, Rafaela, and Mozart.

Daan's Desk - Where the magic really happens

Daan’s Desk

My desk is the place where my computer is. The place where I type the words that magically form into poems or stories. It’s also the place where my furry friends walk all over my keyboard and create previously non-existing words. Very inspiring indeed!

The desk. Higher than comfortable for a wheelchair dependent person, it requires me to transfer onto a bar stool. But it’s spacious, beautiful, fits over the radiator, and – most importantly – it works.

My desktop computer is solely dedicated to my writing. I’ve got my writing software, Scrivener, installed on it; I can access my Canva and Trello accounts, and log in to my website. However, on my desktop I have no access to time-consuming social platforms like Facebook. I work so much better without the distractions these platforms offer.

Daan’s Laptop

In all honesty, I don’t always write at my desk. There are plenty of days when I cannot sit upright for long enough and am lying on the couch, with my laptop, writing. That’s one of the joys of Ehlers-Danlos. Still, as long as I get my writing done, I’m not complaining.

Daan's Laptop

But here’s the problem. You want to write, but then there’s YouTube. That’s so very hard to resist when you’re already not feeling at your best, and music is your other passion.

So that’s what happens. I get sucked into the music of the great masters of old. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Purcell, Handel. Before I know it, that’s another day where I didn’t write a single word. But tell me, can you really blame me?

What are your vices? What do you do when you really should be writing?

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