Daan Katz

Who is Daan Katz really?

Born in 1963, as the second of three children, Daan grew up in The Hague, the Netherlands. From a very young age, Daan has been enchanted by stories, and it was only natural for him to start writing his own stories as soon as he realised that he could.

Intellectually gifted with an IQ in the genius-range, Daan couldn’t wait till he was old enough to be allowed to go to school – only to be disappointed because the children in his class were loud and smelly and slow. Imagine not being able to read after two whole weeks of being taught how to read! Imagine 10-year olds still being unable to read properly. Daan genuinely couldn’t understand how that was possible.

Daan loved nothing better than reading. Where other children spent their pocket money on sweets and snacks, Daan bought books. When immersed in his books, he would forget everything else. The real world would cease to exist, and there was only the imaginary wold, with his imaginary friends, who would continue to speak to him long after he’d finished reading the book.

These days, Daan still prefers his imaginary friends over real people. His imaginary friends are always there, and though they may not always behave the way Daan would want them to behave, he understands them. He knows what makes them tick. He created them, after all. Just like he created their worlds.

Daan’s characters are real people. Not people who exist on Earth, but real all the same. They all have good and bad inside of them. They all face their own struggles in life. They come in all colours and sizes, with their own sexual preferences and gender identities. And several of them are disabled.

Daan himself is a wheelchair user, diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Autism. Though objectively disabled, he does not think of himself as disabled, but prefers to look at the things he can do.

As for Daan’s private life, that is just that. Private.

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