Christmas Sale 2021

The E-book of my poetry collection Night Song will be on Christmas Sale from December 8 to December 31, 2021. That’s two whole weeks and a couple of days to treat yourself – or a loved one – to this collection of deliciously dark fantasy poems at just $0.99 instead of the usual $3.99!

Christmas Sale

Please note: This book is not enrolled in the KDP Select program, and will unfortunately not be on sale on Amazon. Luckily you can choose from several other online retailers.

Get your hands on this little bundle of dark joy now, during our Christmas Sale!

Want to know what readers are saying about this poetry collection? Here’s another reader review for you.

I really enjoyed reading this song (or poem) book!

It gave me a feeling like there was a song for every day, experience or situation we encounter in our lives, but with a fantasy twist to it!

Since I love the fantasy genre, I found some of the songs so fitting to books I read or scenes in them.

Just like in every song/poem book- there were songs I liked better than others, but I liked the majority. Most feel shrouded in a dark mystery, and that usually goes well with the fantasy genre!

It seems easy to write songs, but it really isn’t. Putting a whole idea into just a few lines (saying enough and yet leaving enough space for the reader to take it onwards) is something not everybody can do, and in this book, I think it was done really well!!!

Reader Review on Amazon

We’re still battling the Covid pandemic. It’s winter. The nights are long and cold. Treat yourself to a good glass of wine and an E-book copy of “Night’s Reign”. You’ll be happy you did!

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