Fantasy Poetry Collection Night Song

Last month I published my fantasy poetry collection “Night Song” , first in the series “Songs of Redemption”. Although you can absolutely read these poems on their own, they will gain in meaning when you read them as companion book to my fantasy novel “Night’s Reign” which is scheduled for publication in February 2022.

Night Song, a Fantasy Poetry Collection

Night Song is a collection of 46 delightfully dark fantasy poems, that form the backbone of my novel Night’s Reign.

Because they form a prophecy, these poems are rather cryptic in nature. This has the added advantage of leaving room for the reader’s own interpretation.

Dark and mysterious, these poems feature a variety of fantastical creatures and characters. Characters you’ll get to know better when you read my novel “Night’s Reign”.

This is a collection of poems for those who enjoy dark fantasy.

The idea for this fantasy poetry collection was born in March 2021, when I decided to participate – for the very first time! – in NaPoWriMo. As I’d never done this before, I decided to go easy on myself. I chose a theme “The Magic of Thirty” and a form, the humble cinquain. Moreover I chose the American cinquain, because I love its strict form. It gives me the freedom I need to pursue new ideas within the safe confines of clearly defined rules.

With that settled, it was just a logical next step to tie my poems to my novel, of which I already had the completed first draft. At that time, it didn’t occur to me yet to actually include these poems in the novel, let alone publish them on their own, but here we are.

I regret nothing.

Fantasy poetry collection Night Song

Available for Kindle and other E-readers, and as Paperback.

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