I published my debut novel

Last week I published my debut novel Night’s Reign! The novel I’d been working on for so long. The novel I loved, and hated, and then loved even more.

All those long hours spent behind the keyboard, typing, editing, sweating, swearing. Smiling, laughing, crying. They all paid off in the end. The novel is finished and, so far, my readers are loving it!

Night's Reign, my debut novel

Night’s Reign

A floundering priest. A woman in a wheelchair. An ancient curse.

Priest Niels Bosch has been hiding from a band of assassins for most of his life, but he can’t hide forever. The world is under a curse and its fate is in his hands. Only he can lift the curse and end Night’s Reign.

What readers say about my debut novel

This is literary fantasy fiction and is a gem in its rarity of style. (…) I have to give Daan Katz props for world development as well. He does an incredible job of building the world around his characters (…) the ultimate conclusion had me on the edge of my seat and nicely surprised, if not a little caught off guard.

I offer high praise for Night’s Reign and recommend it for every fantasy fan.

AvidReader 14, on Amazon.com

I’m a fan of great characters, and this book has them in abundance. I found I cared for them from the start, and enjoyed going on this journey with them.

The writing is clean, and it flows like good prose should. The story kept my attention, and made me want to keep going to see how all these carefully-crafted threads would pay off

Michael B, on Amazon.com

Daan provides a unique take on a chosen one story, giving us a reluctant, sympathetic lead and his badass partner who does not let her wheelchair constrain her.

The magic varies from the subtle to the fantastic, providing some interesting world building and narrative directions.

The story reads nicely and really gets more gripping toward the end as various threads are drawn together. It is a solid first book and I’d definitely read more.

The Red King, on Amazon.co.uk

Buy Night’s Reign

Currently, Night’s Reign is only availabe in Kindle and other E-book format, but I intend to publish a paperback version and a hardcover soon.

Stay tuned!

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