Let's talk about love

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about love!

“Love,” you say, “but I thought you wrote fantasy and hated romance! Why are you suddenly talking about love? I didn’t come here to read about sappy romances. Or smut. Or both. I don’t even like that stuff. I want violence, blood and gore.”

talk about Love

And you are right. I don’t write romance. Not as the main plot. I couldn’t do that even if I tried, because I’m just not a romantic person. Give me a good death scene over any love scene. Give me an action-packed fighting scene, but not love. I simply don’t do love well.

So let’s talk about love

Having said that, I do have romantic subplots. And characters involved in romantic relationships without their romances even making it into a subplot. A world without romance is simply not believable. Not to me and, I assume, not to most readers.

In my worlds, the most common way to make children is the same as ours: sex. On some of my worlds there are also other ways, but heterosexual romantic relations still remain a necessity. Of course, not all romantic relationships are between a man and a woman. But no matter the sexual orientations of my characters, I am not the best person to make a big deal of their romances.

The way I see romance is more or less like this: Two people meet. They like each other. They even find each other attractive or, as one of my beta-readers said, they have chemistry. So what do they do? They hook up and become a couple.

No need for endless talk about love. Just get it over with and get on with the story. The dramatic stuff, like fighting and killing. That, to me, is much more fun to write.

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  • They have a relationship and then??? You forget the logical following, they break up… Not a good thing to say in the beginning (well, 7 years already) of a new relationship, but that used to be the case with all my trials before 🤣😂🤣😂

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