Fantasy Maps

What fantasy reader doesn’t love fantasy maps? A good map is an absolute must in every fantasy book. So when I created Sor, the first of my seven worlds, I drew up a map, and for a while, I was happy with it. It was a fine working map that provided me with a good overview of what was where on my world.

Map of Sor

Though by no means beautiful, it was all that I needed at that moment.

But then came the time when that amateurish map wasn’t good enough any more. I needed a better map, with more detail. And one that looked better, too. I tried out some free fantasy map-making apps, but liked none of them, so I decided to brush up my drawing skills.

I bought a book on mapmaking, borrowed another book on drawing and began practising.

It wasn’t easy, and although I certainly improved, I knew my skills were not good enough. I could not make a map worthy of publication.

No more amateurish fantasy maps

I admitted defeat and asked visual artist and writer Lisa Witmond, who also designed my gorgeous logo, to make a map for me. And she agreed.

Working with Lisa was a dream. We’ve known each other for a lifetime and she understands what I want. It also helps that she lives close by, so we could meet over a nice cuppa as she kept me updated on her progress.

It took a while, but in the end she created the most beautiful fantasy map I’ve ever seen! A fantasy map that was most definitely worth the wait.

Fantasy Maps: Map of Briscona

You’ll find this Map of Briscona in Night’s Reign and all subsequent books in the series Curse of the Fathers.

Lisa is currently working on my next map, the Map of Ingravia. This map will be published in Death and the Maiden, and all subsequent books in the series Curse of the Fathers.

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