Preparing for NaPoWriMo

As March draws to a close, I am preparing for NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing Month.

What is NaPoWriMo?

For those of you who are not familiar with it, NaPoWriMo — also called GloPoWriMo (Global Poetry Writing Month) these days — is this crazy month where poets from all over the world write thirty poems in thirty days.

30 poems in 30 days

Until last year, when one of my poet friends persuaded me to participate in this wonderful challenge, I never thought I’d be up to that task. It seemed too daunting.

I still don’t know how he managed to seduce me, but somehow he did. And I’m glad for it. Because during that first NaPoWriMo stint I not only managed to write those thirty poems — American cinquains, all — but what’s more, I enjoyed it. A lot.

And that was only the beginning, because later that year, in November, I published these poems and several others in my fantasy poetry collection Night Song.

Night Song, a Fantasy Poetry Collection

What’s more, I discovered I greatly enjoyed writing American Cinquains, and continued to do so. In fact, some of my poet friends have now started calling me the King of Cinquain and Cinquain Man. Titles I pray I can live up to.

Preparing for NaPoWriMo

So what exactly do my preparations for NaPoWriMo entail?

To be completely honest: Not much. I decided I will once more aim to compose thirty cinquains, simply because I enjoy writing them so much. It almost feels like the humble form of the American Cinquain was established just for me. I’d be a fool not to try and perfect my skills in a form that flows from my pen so naturally.

Since it worked so well last year, I intend to choose a theme again and stick to it during these thirty days of NaPo. Last year’s theme, by the way, was “The Magic of Thirty”. I may or may not play with magic again this year. There’s still time to settle on my theme, though I shouldn’t dawdle much longer now.

Like last year, I will be posting my daily offerings on The Tangled Branch, a discussion forum for readers and writers of poetry. I may or may not share some of my poems to my website. I still have to make up my mind about that.

How about you? Will you accept the challenge and join NaPoWriMo?

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