Children of War, a charity anthology

War has been around since the beginning of human history and, sadly, children have always paid the price. There’s nothing new here. Let me take you back to one of my earliest memories.

1967, The Hague. I lie in bed, listening to the heavy male footsteps on the stairwell leading to the flat. Is this the moment the Jerries will come to take us away and murder us?

My parents were children when the Second World War broke out and Hitler’s troops invaded our country. Especially Mum was heavily traumatised by the war, and never recovered. Her trauma had a huge impact on our daily life as a family.

Even now, a parent of adult children myself, Mum’s war trauma still impacts my life in often barely noticeable ways. Others can’t see it — or so I hope — but I know it’s there.

Children of War

When I saw Astrid Johnsson’s initiative to publish a short story anthology and donate all proceeds to the Voices of Children Foundation in Ukraine, I immediately knew I wanted to contribute, not only by submitting a short story, but even more so by spreading the word.

Below, I copied and pasted Astrid’s Facebook Post.

As a grandchild of “war children” who has first hand experience of how war-time coping mechanisms are passed down the generations, I am deeply hurt by the current conflict in Ukraine. I know the toll it will take, the unhealable damage being dealt.

This is why I am spearheading a multi-genre anthology to raise funds for Voices of Children, Ukraine, a charity that has been providing art therapy and other psychological and psychosocial support to Ukrainian children since the previous armed conflict ended in 2015.

Children of War - an anthology to support the children of Ukraine

Friends and family, please would you pre-order a copy of the book so I can reach more people with this message about the toll war takes on children. I sincerely want to make a difference and raise awareness.


Author friends, if this is a cause close to your heart, please consider contributing a story. The details for submission are here:

And of course, help me spread the word! Together, we can achieve a lot. Do you know any Ukrainian expats? Tell them about this book and what I’m trying to do. Do you know people who’ve suffered from war in times past? Maybe they want to share their story or contribute in some other way. Please share!

More details here:

(Astrid Johnsson)

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2 Thoughts on “Children of War”

  • where were all these people when bombs were traumatize children in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and God knows all other countries? Now there is a war in a “white” country we suddenly should care, while all the time we were complaining about all those people from far away, coming here? War is terrible, no matter the colour of your skin, or in what way you pray to the God… No one cares about the starving people in Yemen today, because they have a war with a “friendly” nation, but Russia is the big bad country?

    • While I understand your frustration and have similar feelings about this issue as you express, this is not the place to vent. I’m just sharing this opportunity to do something positive now.
      We can’t change the past, but we can – and should – do what is within our own reach to create a better future. This is my way to help.

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