NaPo22 Update

With NaPo22 in full swing, it’s time for a quick update. For those of you who never heard of NaPoWriMo before, I wrote about this wonderful annual poetry challenge in my blog Preparing for NaPoWriMo three weeks ago.

So far, I kept up with my goal of writing one poem a day. On some days, I even wrote more than one. Because I stick to writing cinquains, which come to me fairly easily, this isn’t hard. What’s more, I enjoy writing these little gems. Well, not all of them are true gems, but I try all the same, and it’s great practice.

NaPo22 update on The Tangled Branch

Over on The Tangled Branch, a forum for writers and readers of poetry, I have my own NaPo22 thread, which I update (almost) daily. If you’re interested in poetry, feel free to join me there, and engage in the NaPo festivities. We read and comment on each others poems, and even plan on having a Zoom NaPo Meetup, where we can hear our poet friends read from their work and read some of our own.

Get to know Colm, as he shares with us his 30 ways to pluck an otter, Marcel with his new fables about Aesop and the Buddha, Janet who writes about Pixie Dust & Whiskey, and Deb who got herself into some poetic Deliriums. And that’s only a handful of our poets, but honestly, all of our poets are wonderful people, and their poems well worth a few moments of your time.

My NaPo22 poems

Just for you, I will share some of the poems I wrote this month with you.

On April 3, I wrote dwarfed.


my thoughts
they are too big
to capture in a song
for I’m too small to understand
my heart

On April 8, I wrote obsessed.


slither across
the keys of my laptop
willing words to morph into a

And on April 12, challenge.


boy venturing
into the woods that lie
beyond the smooth tarmacked roads of

Are you participating in NaPoWriMo this year? If so, are you still on track, and enjoying the challenge?

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