Nights Reign Print Copies arrived!

The other day I received the first author copies of Night’s Reign in print. Just one box with enough books to check for quality and share with friends and relatives. Night’s Reign is now not only available as e-book, but also in paperback and hardcover.

But that’s not all! Because I’ve done something special.

Night’s Reign Large Print Edition

That’s right. I’ve also made Night’s Reign available in Large Print edition. Figuring out how to make this work — Night’s Reign is a long story — took some effort, but I’m happy with the result: Two hefty volumes in a large, clean font for those who need it.

Why Large Print?

My decision to provide a Large Print Edition of the book was an easy one. A choice base on two main factors:

One: As a disabled person, I understand the importance of being inclusive, and although I’m sure I still have much to learn where it comes to accommodating the needs of those with other disabilities than my own, I am trying my best.

Two: I have a dyslexic son, who loves a good story just as much as any other guy. I asked him if he would prefer a Large Print Edition of my book, and his answer was an emphatic yes. So that took away any doubts I might still have had at that moment.

The process

During the formatting of the Large Print Edition, I read up on the requirements for Large Print books as outlined by the UK Association for Accissible Formats, and consulted with my son regarding which font worked best for him.

Now that I’ve received and inspected the physical copies for my son, I am confident that they will make my story truly accessible for the majority of visually impaired and dyslexic readers.

Signed copies of Night’s Reign

If you’d like to order a signed copy (hard cover, paperback, or large print), please contact me directly, either via my Facebook Page, or by email: daankatz (at) gmail (dot) com. I will be setting up an easier method soon, at which time I will update the website accordingly.

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