Creation of Sor

Many years ago, when I was fooling around in The Sims 2, the seeds for the creation of Sor were planted. Though I am not a gamer, I enjoyed this game for its storytelling features. Features that were greatly improved by adding hacks.

Niels Bosch, the male protagonist from Night’s Reign, was first given life in the Sims. That’s where his story started. One of many stories I had no intention of ever publishing. But Niels stuck with me. His story grew, and little by little, his world changed. No longer was it just a neighbourhood in the Sims. It grew into an entire world, Sor. A world much like our own – except with magic.

Because Niels was going to be a priest, I had to know more about his religion. Who was this goddess of his? Were there other gods, and if so, who were they?

And so the Creation Myth of Sor was born.

The beginning

Before the Beginning of Time, 
an awareness began to stir in the midst of the Void. 

The awareness grew and became God, 
and God was everything, and God was nothing. 
A being without substance, pure energy. 

And God became two.

Male and Female, and they named themselves 
Zinnir, He who watches, 
and Oummi, She who hears. 

They made their dwellings in Oummi’s Vastness 
and had seven children.

And their children created the worlds.

But that was only the beginning.

Next steps in the Creation of Sor

The basics were done. I knew how Sor came into existence, I knew who the main gods were, and — just as importantly — I knew that Sor was a relatively modern world. From Niels’ story I already knew there were several continents. Each with their own natural, cultural, and political landscapes.

But there was even more that I didn’t know yet. I did what any obsessed fantasy writer would do and bought a book on worldbuilding to help me figure out where and how I needed fill the voids. Later, while writing the novel, I demolished several of the structures I had built, only to replace them with other, better fitting, structures.

I created a map. A good working map, with all the continents and their countries in the right places — or so I thought. Later, I discovered I needed to move an entire country to another part of the continent on which it was situated. Out came the scissors (literally!), and that country was cut out and moved around to a more fitting location. Then, of course, some cities had to be renamed. Because a city named Westhaven in the East of the country just won’t do.

Being a writer truly is like being a god. It may be hard and challenging, but never boring.

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