Progress "Death and the Maiden"

Two months ago I received the last feedback on Death and the Maiden, and I’ve been making slow but steady progress on the revisions since.

Slow, because I’ve been working on several other projects, too. I’ve written several short stories – most of which I will be sharing in my monthly newsletter for free – but one of them for a cause close to my heart, the Children of War anthology, the proceeds of which will go to Voices of Children, or similar charity, in perpetuity.

I’ve also been working on some other exciting projects, but can’t reveal any details yet. (But stay tuned for some exciting news!)

What progress have I made on Death and the Maiden?

Earlier this month I finished my second revision of the novel, and I am now on my third revision. Yes. The third. And I have a feeling there will be yet another revision before I’ll be able to send the manuscript to my proofreader, but that’s alright. I’m quiet happy with my progress so far.

Death and the Maiden, a fantasy novel by Daan Katz

Whereas the second revision consisted mainly of me addressing minor issues my beta readers had brought to my attention, this third revision is going to be a lot more work. This is where I’m going in deep.

So far, I wrote a prologue — which I may or may not rename Chapter One (I haven’t been able to decide on that yet) — and added a few paragraphs to the beginning of my current Chapter One.

I deleted scenes. Added other scenes. Changed yet others. Needed to rewrite an entire Chapter from a different point of view (ouch!). It’s all in a day’s work.

Meanwhile, my graphic artist has sent me a few updates on the map she’s creating for Death and the Maiden, and I needed to provide her with more detailed information. What kind of terrain did I want where? Place names. Mountain ranges. Rivers. Forests.

Sure, I had a lot of the information she needed already. But it wasn’t enough, so I spent a weekend expanding on my existing worldbuilding. And don’t get me wrong: I love worldbuilding. It’s one of the things that make writing fantasy so much fun. But it was a weekend I could not spend on the writing/editing or revising.

All in all, my progress on Death is slower than I would like. But I am making progress, and that’s what counts. I’m not behind, and really looking Death and the Maiden’s release later this year.

How about you?

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