Seven Random Facts About Me

In this absolutely random blog post, I’ll share some totally random facts about myself. Because no matter what some people say, writer’s block is real. But that doesn’t mean I can’t kick its ugly arse.

Random fact 1

I can write when the Muse has taken a day (or a week, or maybe even longer) off. I’ll simply get the large pot of extra strong Butt Glue, apply the sticky stuff liberally to my seat, and get writing. Then, when the Muse comes back, she’ll be astonished by what I accomplished without her.

Random fact 2

I like cats more than people. Sorry (not), but it’s true. Cats are soft and cuddly, and easy to read. People are often confusing. They may say one thing, yet mean something else entirely. Cats (all animals, really) are honest. And did I mention cats are soft and cuddly?

Cats are soft and cuddly
Random fact 3

I love food. Good food. I love cooking, experimenting in the kitchen, and developing new recipes. And my love for food translates into my writing as well. It’s just too much fun dreaming up fantasy food.

Random fact 4

Related to #3, I hate most meat, and in fact, can’t remember when last I ate the stuff. It’s not about the taste, though. It’s all about texture. Sorry, PETA fans. I make no excuses. It’s not about the animal rights. It’s about me.

Random fact 5

I don’t have a driver’s license. That may seem strange, but I live in the Netherlands, in a city. I’ve always lived in a city. Our public transport is great. Our biking infrastructure is even better. We have bike lanes pretty much everywhere, and children learn to ride a bike pretty much as soon as they can walk. So, I never felt like I needed a driver’s license.

Random fact 6

Related to #5, I love my hand-bike. Mine is the Quickie Attitude hybrid. A power-assisted manual hand-bike. For me, this is the perfect way to get some exercise in without overexerting my unstable joints.

Random fact 7

I love DIY-ing. It’s terrible for my EDS-body, but I honestly enjoy creating new things, or refurbishing old stuff. And if that means I’ll be exhausted and in too much pain to do anything useful for days or even weeks after, then so be it. It’s all worth it.

So these were just seven random facts about me. Take that, Missing Muse!

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