Ten Quotes From Night's Reign

Today I’ll be sharing ten of my favourite quotes from the first chapters of Night’s Reign. Quotes that will, hopefully, whet your appetite without providing any major spoilers.

It’s a fine line to walk.


The grey stones of the temple had taken on a greenish hue, and the air smelled stale. Where were the candles? And why had the fountain gone dry? Surely, the gods had not forsaken this place? This was holy ground. Why was there no priest?

Chapter One

With a pang of regret he remembered his beautiful home in Tan’Rabu, with the long gauze curtains that filtered the harsh glare of the tropical daylight, and the buzzing fans that spread a welcome breeze in the almost unbearable heat inside.

Chapter Two

Had she always been in a wheelchair? Or was her disability caused by an illness or accident? Or even — the gods forbid! — an assault. Ingravia was rumoured to be a harsh country, with crime being its prime profession.

Chapter Three

The memories flooded his mind, and it was almost as if he were back at campus. The roar of the flames resounded in his ears again. He could sense the enormous heat, smell the petrol. Taste it, even.

Chapter Four

The world was more than Ingravia. And hadn’t Niels himself said that the criminal syndicate in Ebaru shouldn’t be underestimated? Would it be too far-fetched to think there would be an active gangdom in other parts of the world, too?

Chapter Five

Someone desperately wants his Holiness dead, and has both the power and the resources to send a veritable horde of assassins after him. Thus, we need friends. And the more dangerous they are, the better.

Chapter Six

Leks leaned back in his chair, took off his leg, and laid it pontifically on the table. It was a gesture that spoke louder than words. “You could start by telling us who’s so eager to kill you. And why.”

Chapter Seven

If I closed my eyes, I could almost smell the trees and the rich, humid earth. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Yet, at the same time, it all felt strangely familiar, and deep down I knew: This was where I belonged.

Chapter Eight

I watched her heels as I followed her through a long, drab corridor that led into an equally gloomy square hall with several doors facing it from all four walls. She knocked on one of them, and within a heartbeat a thin, weaselly man opened the door.

Chapter Nine

I started fighting again. How could I have thought for even a moment that Sebben might not be all that bad? My mother died of that stuff. Were they trying to kill me? Was this so-called hospital secretly in league with a body farm?

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Which of these ten quotes is your favourite?

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