magic adventure calls: ready to dive into a fantasy world?

Magic and adventure await London-based psychologist Alysia Hamilton when she is plunged into a fantasy world.

She’s married to her childhood sweetheart, a mother of two and grandmother of three, living a perfectly ordinary life. Well, maybe not quite so ordinary, as her husband happens to be a famous classical singer, but to her he’s still just the boy who taught her how to play the piano. It’s nearly Christmas, and Alysia is looking forward to her husband’s concert in the Royal Albert Hall.

But things go wrong. Terribly wrong, and she never makes it to the concert. And that is only the beginning.

Magic adventure in a fantasy world

In my latest novel “Death and the Maiden“, we follow Alysia as she gets plunged into a different world, far away from home. Far away from her husband and children. A world where time seems to have stood still somewhere in the 19th century. An unsettlingly different world.

Then she finds out she is young again — and it’s not nearly as wonderful as people might think. In fact, Alysia hates it.

Desperate to find out what went wrong, and how she can go back home and be her ordinary self again, Alysia sets out on a journey to yet other worlds. The answers she finds are not quite the ones she’d hoped for, and elicit only more questions.

Then people start dying and Alysia’s future looks grimmer than ever as the realisation sinks in that she may be next, in which case she’ll never make it back to Earth.

The E-book of “Death and the Maiden” will launch on September 27, 2022, and is available for pre-order now! Paperback and hardcover versions, as well as large print editions, will follow soon.

Don’t want to wait that long? Join my ARC team and get your free ARC-copy of the book now.

magic adventure calls: ready to dive into a fantasy world?

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