celebrate the launch of Death and the Maiden

Last Tuesday was the launch of Death and the Maiden — reason to celebrate! And what better way to celebrate than by telling you the story of how this tale was born. The truth might surprise you.

Once upon a time…

It was many years ago. So many, I don’t even remember the exact year or circumstances. What I do remember is that I was in a place where I wasn’t happy, and I wanted to be somewhere else. Away from my depressing everyday life, and frankly, away from this world.

If only fantasy were real! If only there were other worlds out there, and I could escape to one of those.

And so I found myself writing that first paragraph, about a guy who found himself inexplicably whisked away to a strange new world. I paired him with a gorgeous woman because, hey, this was all about wish-fulfilment, and took things from there.

That story never made it. Things happened in my real life, and I abandoned the story. Fast forward to late 2020, when I had just finished the first draft of “Night’s Reign” and needed to put that away for a while before going over it for a first round of revisions.

Going through some old folders I found that story again, and decided to recycle it. This time with a female protagonist. No wish fulfilment needed here.

celebrate the launch of Death and the Maiden

So there you have it. The true story behind “Death and the Maiden”.

Come and celebrate

To celebrate the launch of Death and the Maiden, I priced it at just $2.99 on Kindle – for now. FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Even better, I ALSO made the E-book of Night’s Reign available for FREE (except on Amazon, where this isn’t possible) during the entire month of October. On Amazon I set the price as low as possible, which is just $0.99.

Start reading today!

celebrate the launch of Death and the Maiden

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