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Introducing Team Katz — and why you should join my street team.

Have you met Team Katz yet?

With the upcoming launch of my novel “Death and the Maiden” it became increasingly apparent that I needed a Street Team – something I’d never even heard of before, to be honest.

What is a Street Team?

So, with absolutely no clue as to what a Street Team is supposed to do, I set out to do some research. What I found out was this: The concept of a street team originates in the corporate world, where it simply refers to a marketing team that quite literally hits the streets to create a buzz around a new product.

I was sceptical. How could that help me? Sending people out on the streets in the Netherlands where most people are not interested in reading English novels written by an upstart Indie author didn’t seem like a good idea at all. What was I missing?

Clearly, I needed to do more research.

In the end I found my answer in Mandi Lynn’s book “Plan a profitable book launch.

“In the book world, it means they’re readers talking to other readers” (p. 110)

Even better, they would not need to go out in the streets to do that, because pretty much all of their activities can happen online. They just need to talk about your book on their social media, in their reader groups, etc.

That seems straightforward enough, so let’s have a look at what I would expect from you, should you decide to join my street team, and what they would get from me in return.

Join my street team

To-Do’s for Team Katz

  1. Share posts about my book on Social Media — I will provide graphics and captions they can use, but they are also free to create their own, should they be so inclined
  2. Read the Arc and write a review on Goodreads and Amazon, and anywhere else they might think of — It goes without saying that I will provide the members of my street team with free ARC copies
  3. Post about the book on Social Media regularly in the weeks leading up to the launch and on launch day
  4. Optionally: Create and share fan art

The rewards

  1. Free ARCs and Beta copies of all my upcoming releases for as long as they are members of Team Katz
  2. Free printables (book marks, post cards, wall art, etc.)
  3. Small items by snail mail if funds allow
  4. For fellow indie authors: author interview on my blog and social media
  5. The opportunity to write guest posts for my blog
  6. Whatever else I can think of
  7. My eternal gratitude

How to join my street team

Contact me on facebook or fill out the form.


I write for an adult audience and address complex and often dark themes. If you are easily triggered, you won’t be a good fit for my street team.

I keep in touch with Team Katz via our private Facebook Group, and may occasionally send out an email to my street team.

Join my street team

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