Fantasy short story collection “Accursed Kingdom” is a series of short stories about pivotal moments in the History of the Kingdom Dalanthia.

Accursed Kingdom, a short story collection by Daan Katz

Accursed Kingdom – Crushed by Gloom

Prophecies don’t lie.

When King Haniman of Dalanthia chooses to ignore the High Priest’s advice, he unleashes a devastating curse that could destroy his world. And that is just the beginning.

Now that the Gloomfather’s Curse has been released on the world, The Royal House of Dalanthia suffers, and with them the entire Kingdom and its people.

Kings come and go, and they groan under the weight of the Curse. The Kingdom falls apart. Illness, madness, and murder wreak havoc in each generation of the Royal Family.

Nobody is safe.

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This short story collection serves as a Prequel to Night’s Reign and is a must-read for anyone who enjoyed the tale of how Niels and Bel worked together to lift the Gloomfather’s Curse.

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