DAAN! is a collection of unpretentious poems about everyday life, love, and loss. About mental health, nature, cats, and much more.

It shows the joys, the pain, the struggles, and the victories of a chronically ill wheelchair user.

DAAN! shows us that poetry does not have to be stuffy, but can be anything from whimsical and vibrant to sad and profound.

Whether it’s free verse, a ghazal, pantoum, or triolet, an American cinquain, four and twenty, Kerouac haiku, or an American sentence, Katz puts his own unique spin on every poem he writes, no matter its form.

Image of obscured book cover, with text: DAAN! tomorrow / I'll give her my heart / on a piece of paper

Can’t wait to read the poems? Here’s a little sneak peek!


I’m a writer
I wreak havoc with a word
I’m a cheeky blighter

I’m a writer
I’m a fighter
and the pen is my sword

I’m a writer
I wreak havoc with a word

up the garden path

when her husband threatened
to put the tomcat to sleep
she had kittens


they play games with
one another
trip across the
stepping stones

with long
legato strides
each member follows
its mate

a tempo they
chase the trail
skip from one key
to another

dolce cantabile
sprinkling soft

con amore

DAAN! will be available from Amazon and several other online retailers in April of this year.

Electronic ARCs will be made available to readers of Katz’s newsletter soon, so be sure to sign up – and receive Katz’s exclusive poetry bundle “Mewsings of a Cat Lover” for free.