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Not all craft is art, but without craft there is no art.

Elegant prose that flows like a Mozart Sonata, realistic dialogue, and richly developed characters set Daan’s writing apart and elevate it from mainstream fantasy to literary fiction in a fantasy setting.

The overarching themes in Daan’s writing are trauma and its many different faces. Suffering caused by loss of loved ones, mental illness, developmental variations, disability, and violence and abuse are just a few of the issues that find their way into his works.

Daan Katz,
Author of literary fantasy and poetry.
Wheelchair user, Zebra, Autistic.

Dies Iræ: Revenge of a Reject

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“They tortured and humiliated me. They took my identity and everything I loved, and left me for dead at the gates of the Curridge Fermentry Enclave.”

In a world ruled by crime and political scheming, morality is a luxury for the weak. Nobody understands this truth better than Lord Torvik Kovkatim, grandson of the fearsome King Yilva Peronin.

As a royal assassin, he takes pride in upholding the monarchy’s ideals and protecting its citizens. But when he is ordered to take the life of an innocent, his world shatters.

Exiled from the Royal Courts, and crippled for life, Torvik has nothing left to lose. Relentless flashbacks torment him and push him to the brink of madness. As his emotional wounds fester and fuel his hatred, a haunting melody of revenge echoes within him.

Embark on a journey into Torvik’s world and witness his turmoil as the line between sanity and madness blurs. Will his quest for vengeance lead to redemption or plunge him into the abyss of insanity?

A must-read for fans of Robin Hobb’s character-driven tales, Alex Michaelides’ mind-bending psychological intrigue, and Joanne Greenberg’s poignant exploration of human nature.


  • disability
  • mental health
Dies Iræ: Revenge of a Reject

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