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Feet of person in wheelchair

Not all craft is art, but without craft there is no art.

Elegant prose that flows like a Mozart Sonata, realistic dialogue, and richly developed characters set Daan’s writing apart and elevate it from mainstream fantasy to literary fiction in a fantasy setting.

The overarching themes in Daan’s writing are trauma and its many different faces. Suffering caused by loss of loved ones, mental illness, developmental variations, disability, and violence and abuse are just a few of the issues that find their way into his works.

Daan Katz,
Author of literary fantasy and poetry.
Wheelchair user, Zebra, Autistic.

Out now: DAAN!

Available from several online retailers.

DAAN! is a collection of unpretentious poems about everyday life, love, and loss. About mental health, nature, cats, and much more.

It shows the joys, the pain, the struggles, and the victories of a chronically ill wheelchair user.

DAAN! shows us that poetry does not have to be stuffy, but can be anything from whimsical and vibrant to sad and profound.

Whether it’s free verse, a ghazal, pantoum, or triolet, an American cinquain, four and twenty, Kerouac haiku, or an American sentence, Katz puts his own unique spin on every poem he writes, no matter its form.


  • disability
  • mental health
Cover of poetry book, titled "DAAN! Poems without pretence"

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