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Not all craft is art, but without craft there is no art.

Elegant prose that flows like a Mozart Sonata, realistic dialogue, and richly developed characters set Daan’s writing apart and elevate it from mainstream fantasy to literary fiction in a fantasy setting.

The overarching themes in Daan’s writing are trauma and its many different faces. Suffering caused by loss of loved ones, mental illness, developmental variations, disability, and violence and abuse are just a few of the issues that find their way into his works.

Daan Katz,
Author of literary fantasy and poetry.
Wheelchair user, Zebra, Autistic.

Published September 2022: Death and the Maiden

Do you know what clinical depression looks like? Would you recognise it in a loved one? Or in a fictional character?

Don’t be too quick to say yes. Because depression – real clinical depression – has many different faces, and may not look like depression at all.

She was a grandmother.
Now she’s young again.
And she hates it.

A mother or two, and grandmother of three, finds herself mysteriously transported to another world, where technology hasn’t evolved past the 19th century, and where people still believe in magic.

She will do anything to make it back home, even if that means travelling to yet other foreign worlds. Then one of her new friends dies, and she sees her hopes of ever making it back to Earth evaporate.

“Death and the Maiden” is a literary novel in a fantasy setting, focusing more on character than plot, and featuring all of the following:

  • Disabled Protagonist
  • Strong Female Characters
  • Mental Health struggles
  • Positive LGBTQI+ representation
Book Cover: Death and the Maiden - Daan Katz

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