My name is Katz. Daan Katz, author of fantasy fiction, and poet.
Let me take you on a magical journey to worlds un-imagined. Until I created them.

Short bio

Author and poet Katz was born in The Hague, the Netherlands, where he also spent most of his youth. His love for stories was awakened by his grandmother who used to tell him and his sisters the stories she made up about the sisters Mieneke and Tineke, who lived in the woods and got themselves into all kinds of trouble on a regular basis.

Daan’s love for England and the English language was born when his mother, in her no-nonsense parenting approach, told him he had to obey her, because his free will was in England. His answer was always the same. “When I’m old enough, I’ll go to England and find my free will.” 

And so he did. At age 19, he went to live in London suburb Twickenham, where he would gladly have remained for the rest of his life but, unfortunately, he didn’t get to stay there for long.

He came back to the continent where he studied theology, until after a year he decided that he was not cut out to be a theologian. Daan was 23 when he started his psychology studies at Utrecht University. Unfortunately, by this time his disabilities began taking over, and he had to abandon his studies.

Photo of Daan Katz in his wheelchair.

Daan Katz and his disabilities

Diagnosed with Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Daan is wheelchair dependent, but that certainly does not prevent him from living independently, and enjoying his life to the fullest. 

His autism makes Daan perfectly suited to the lonely existence of a writer. He likes nothing better than to be home. Alone. With his three cats, Thalia, Rafaela and Mozart.

Apart from the Ehlers-Danlos and autism, Daan also deals with several allergies and food intolerances. All of this makes him the perfect person to write disabled characters – and make them shine. Because who wants a pitiful wretch of a main character, when they can have a badass one?


Daan is a passionate amateur musician. He is a classical singer first, and a pianist second. His voice, an exceptionally light, lyrical tenor, is perfectly suited to interpret the Baroque works he loves so much. His pianos are a beautiful white Pleyel, and a black digital piano, a Yamaha, which comes in handy when he wants to play in the middle of the night.

Picture of black electonic piano, with headphones and sheet music

Since he could not finish his psychology studies, Daan is now a kitchen-table psychologist, who loves nothing better than messing up the lives of his main characters. Needless to say psychology is still one of his Special Interests. And so is cooking. Which is a good thing for a guy who is not only dealing with food intolerances, but whose autism ensures he is also a picky eater.

When reading Katz’s work, expect to read about musicians, psychologists, mental patients, and mouth-watering food. 

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