On this page you’ll find the books Daan Katz has published so far, as well as his upcoming publications.


Curse of the Fathers

Prophecies don’t lie.

The Gloomfather’s Curse has been released on the world. Royal houses groan under the weight of the curse and Kingdoms falls apart. Illness, madness, and murder wreak havoc in each generation.

Only the Chosen one can break the spell and save the world. Until then, nobody is safe.

Short Stories

These short stories will take you on a magical journey into the world of Katz’s books. The Prophecy and Karma are FREE downloads, The Dragon’s Demise has been published in the Charity Anthology Children of War.

Poetry books

To date, Katz has published two poetry bundles, and he hopes to release his third poetry collection in the first half of 2023. To get a taste of Katz’s poetry, you can download Mewsings of a Cat Lover for FREE.

Charity Publications

In August 2022, Katz’s short story The Dragon’s Demise was published in the Charity Anthology Children of War.

Coming Soon: Two of Katz’s cat poems will be published in Purranormal tails, a Fantastical Cat Anthology. Planned publication: February 2023.

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