On this page you’ll find the books Daan Katz has published so far, as well as his upcoming publications.

Published books

Night's Reign - Daan katz

Night’s Reign

Curse of the Fathers: Book One

On the run from a cursed king and his army of assassins, priest Niels Bosch seeks sanctuary in rural Briscona. What he gets is a barrage of intimate and unsettling questions from his new cantor, Beldenka Nadinov. Questions he can’t risk answering.

Accompanied by his friend and bodyguard Mikhandor (…)

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Available for Kindle and other E-readers, and in paperback and hardcover format, as well as a two-volume Large Print paperback edition.

Night Song - Daan Katz

Night Song

Songs of Redemption, Book One

Night Song is a collection of 46 fantasy cinquains about gods, prophecies, and curses.

About heroes, thieves, dragons, and other fantastical creatures. Love, sickness, death, and grief, and many other themes that are as relevant to real life as they are to fiction.

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Available as Epub, Mobi, and Paperback

Death and the Maiden - Daan Katz

Death and the Maiden

Alysia Hamilton, mother or two, and grandmother of three, finds herself mysteriously transported to a foreign world called Fer. A world where technology hasn’t evolved past the 19th century, and where people still believe in magic. She will do anything to make it back home, even if that means travelling to yet other strange new worlds. Then one of her new friends dies, and she sees her hopes of ever making it back to Earth evaporate.

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Available on Kindle. Free in Kindle Unlimited.

Upcoming books

Accursed Kingdom - Daan Katz

Accursed Kingdom

Crushed by Gloom

A fantasy short story collection, set on the world Sor. Each story in this book showcases a pivotal moment in the History of the Kingdom Dalanthia.

Nobody is safe.

Prequel to Night’s Reign.

Planned publication of Accursed Kingdom is in the first half of 2023

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