Daan’s fantasy poetry collection Night Song (companion to Night’s Reign) features 46 fantasy cinquains about gods, prophecies, and curses. About heroes, thieves, dragons, and other fantastical creatures. Love, sickness, death, and grief. And many other themes that are as relevant to real life as they are to fiction.

Night Song, a fantasy poetry collection by Daan Katz

The poems

What started as a simple NaPoWriMo Challenge, grew into a collection of dark, fantasy themed American cinquains that can be enjoyed in their own right, or as a companion to Daan’s novel Night’s Reign.

Originally, the cinquain was a five-line poem, dating all the way back to medieval French poetry, and usually with an ababb, abaab or abccb rhyme scheme. These days, however, when we say cinquain we usually refer to the Japanese-inspired American cinquain, first developed by Adelaide Crapsey.

Short and sweet (or maybe not-so-sweet), the American cinquain consist of five lines of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 2 syllables respectively. These are the cinquains you’ll find in Night Song.

Ruin – Read by Daan Katz

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Reader reviews

Review by Cassia Hall – author, poet, composer

Night Song is a collection of very short poems – cinquains, to be exact. These are 5-line poems with a very exacting form. This collection acts as a prelude to the author’s novel, Night’s Reign. Together, the poems – featuring heroes, thieves, dragons and other fantastical creatures – are meant to be some kind of prophecy. As such, they are rather cryptic in nature. This could be challenging to a reader with no idea what they’re getting into. But if you enjoy the cryptic and prophetical in fantasy, this would be right up your alley.

Review on Goodreads
Review by Anat Eliraz, author of Jewels of Smoky Quartz

I really enjoyed reading this song (or poem) book!

It gave me a feeling like there was a song for every day, experience or situation we encounter in our lives, but with a fantasy twist to it!

Since I love the fantasy genre, I found some of the songs so fitting to books I read or scenes in them.

Just like in every song/poem book- there were songs I liked better than others, but I liked the majority. Most feel shrouded in a dark mystery, and that usually goes well with the fantasy genre!

It seems easy to write songs, but it really isn’t. Putting a whole idea into just a few lines (saying enough and yet leaving enough space for the reader to take it onwards) is something not everybody can do, and in this book, I think it was done really well!!!

Review on Amazon.com
Review by Kindle Customer

If you like poetry and fantasy this is a delightful collection of carefully crafted poems with a dark tint. Can’t wait for his novel!

Review on Amazon.com
Review by Ylva Brisman

This is a must-read for anyone who loves poetry, fantasy, or just wants their imagination sparked. The words are chosen so carefully, elegantly tied together in texts that leave you thinking and pondering.

Review on Goodreads
Review by Anna

If you like poetry, and if you like fantasy (and dragons), this poetry book might hit just the right spot.
This is my fav one.


in history
redouble sense of doom
crippling ancestral curse governs
ill minds

Review on Goodreads

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