I’m happy to announce that my second novel, Death and the Maiden, got published on September 27, 2022. Like Night’s Reign, it features a disabled protagonist.

Death and the Maiden is a dark portal fantasy that focuses heavily on the psychology of its characters.

Death and the Maiden, a fantasy novel by Daan Katz

Death and the Maiden

Her last day at work ended in disaster, she missed her husband’s most important concert of the year, and if that wasn’t bad enough, now Alysia is stuck on a foreign world. A world where technology hasn’t evolved past the 19th century, and people still believe in magic.

Desperate to find her way back home, she ends up on a wild-goose chase to yet other worlds, where she discovers uncomfortable truths about herself and her past. Unable to cope with this new reality, Alysia loses herself in her efforts to help a young couple overcome a horrendous trauma.

Then people start dying and Alysia sees her hopes of ever making it back to Earth evaporate.

If you have read Night’s Reign, you’ll be pleased to meet some of its characters again as Alysia travels the worlds in an effort to unravel the mystery and find her way back to Earth.

Meet the Protagonists

Alysia Hamilton, née Evans

Married to Stephen Hamilton, her childhood friend. The pair have a daughter Emma-Lynn, and a son Thomas. Both children are married and have children of their own.

Alysia works as a psychologist and psychotherapist in a hospital in London, UK.

She loves to spend time with her family and her cats. In her free time she likes to play the piano.

Wingarth Walbrydge

Wingarth is the only son of Wulfgar Walbrydge and Esthelda Taegvarbler.

Like his mother he suffers from a heritable disease of the connective tissue. Though his mother is not too badly affected, his condition has Garth largely wheelchair dependent.

Garth is married to Lord Kenwald the younger of Aeldbury. Both men are scientists.

Death and the Maiden is available for Kindle and in Kindle Unlimited.

Want to watch the trailer first?

Death and the Maiden, by Ingravia

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