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The Dragon’s Demise

The Dragon’s Demise is one in a series of short stories exploring the history of Sor, one of the seven worlds in my fictional universe. This story recounts the Ingravian Rebellion, as experienced by a nine-year-old boy, and explores how these traumatic events continue to influence his life, even into his old age.

Forced to watch the brutal murder of the Imperial Family, Runig carries the scars of the Ingravian Rebellion with him into his adult life. A misfit and a recluse, he has nothing to lose when his dying father sends him on an impossible mission.

Meet the Protagonist

Runig: Protagonist of The Dragon's Demise

Runig Lubenvik

Scullery boy in the palace of Emperor Bartomir of Ingravia.

Curious, unruly lad whose inquisitive nature often got him in trouble with his father, his grandfather, and other persons in authority.

Runig has a slight build, mahogany hair, grey eyes, and pale skin

Music from The Dragon’s Demise

Listen to the Ingravian Rebel Song on YouTube

The Setting

This story is set in Ingravia, a cold, inhospitable northern country on the world Sor.

Map op Ingravia - detail

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This short story first appeared in Children of War, a charity anthology to support the children of Ukraine.

Mewsings of a Cat Lover

Mewsings of a Cat Lover is a collection of short poems about cats. This exclusive poetry bundle is not, and never will be, for sale. The ONLY way to get it, is if I give it to you.

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Mewsings of a Cat Lover:  Free E-book

the diva

sunlight warms and
bathes her in a glow of
magic splendour as drowsiness
seeps in

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