Professional Editing 10 Reasons Why Every Indie Author Needs It

If you are an indie author, you should seriously think about having your manuscripts professionally edited and proofread. It makes a big difference!

You may be reluctant to spend a large sum of money on professional editing and proofreading, but the truth is, you cannot afford to skip this step. Your credibility as an author depends on it.

Not convinced? Here are 10 compelling reasons why every indie author needs professional editing for their manuscripts.

Reason 1: Professional Editing Ensures Quality

If you want to get a polished manuscript, you need to know where and how you can improve that first (or second, third… or tenth) draft. Once you know where your problem areas are, you can start perfecting your work.

Professional editing and proofreading services guarantee a polished and error-free manuscript. It improves your writing by eliminating grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and typographical issues. As a result, your story will be more enjoyable and believable for readers.

Reason 2: Improved Reader Engagement

Maybe you’re at that stage in your author career where you’re pulling your hair because you hardly get any sales and even fewer reviews. That’s extremely discouraging and might even make you feel like you should just throw in the towel.

You are not alone. The struggle is very real. But here’s the good news: professional editing eliminates errors and inconsistencies that interrupt the flow and distract the reader.

If you hire a professional editor, your writing will be more engaging for your readers. And isn’t that what we all want from our writing? To engage and entertain our readers?

Reason 3: Professional Editing Guarantees a Professional Image

The key to looking professional is having your work well-edited and proofread. It shows your readers that you are dedicated to giving them your very best. This is a game-changer for creating a positive author image and earning respect in the publishing business.

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Reason 4: Professional Editing Provides Clarity and Coherence

You can make your work easier and more enjoyable—both for yourself and your readers—when you invest in professional editing services. That’s because editors are trained to help you communicate your ideas clearly and coherently.

Your editor will help you write smoother prose than you ever thought possible. They will identify areas where your narrative is confusing or needs clarification. Say bye-bye to unwieldy sentences and hello to clear and concise language. 

Reason 5: Editing Ensures Consistency

When you’re writing a behemoth of a novel (120+k words, anyone?) it can be challenging to keep track of your characters, plot elements, and themes. Plot holes may pop up in the most unexpected places. Characters who had brown eyes, now suddenly have blue eyes. It’s magic! Dark magic, meant to make our writerly lives hell.

Professional editing takes care of this issue. Your editor will find your plot holes and bring them to your attention so you can deal with them before your book hits the shelves.

Your readers will enjoy your books without getting confused by plot holes, which means better reviews and ultimately more sales.

Reason 6: It Gives You a Leg Up in a Competitive Market

You’re in the authoring business to entertain your readers, but you also need—and deserve—recognition for your work. And money, that too. After all, you’re still only human and need to eat just like everyone else.

In our current saturated book market, a well-edited manuscript catches attention. Publishing a book without professional editing, however, can lead to negative reviews and lower sales. Disgruntled readers may not be shy about telling the world how badly edited a particular book was. Do you really want to take that risk, knowing it might destroy your career?

Make the smart choice and have your work professionally edited. You owe it not only to your readers, but even more to yourself and your characters.

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Reason 7: Professional Editing Helps Avoid Embarrassment

Do you suffer from impostor syndrome? You’re not alone. Every writer on the planet does at times, so don’t feel bad about it. Instead, take action! 

The best way to overcome this malady is to get your manuscripts professionally edited and proofread.

Why? Professional editing makes your words shine. It detects the errors you might overlook because of the dreaded blind spots that make even the best authors blind to their own mistakes. It streamlines your prose, corrects your typos, and helps you eliminate plot holes.

As an added benefit, you will gain a deeper understanding of the craft. This will boost your confidence when you’re working on your next novel, and all your next projects after that.

No more embarrassment over typos, plot holes, or other avoidable errors. Not to mention your readers might start leaving you rave reviews. Win-win!

Reason 8: A Professional Editing Job Meets Industry Standards

Traditional publishing houses have high standards for manuscript quality. Professional editors and proofreaders know these standards well and work with the same style guides.

They have a great eye for detail, an analytical mind, and are trained in techniques that help them spot errors effectively and consistently.

If you have your work professionally edited, it will adhere to the same standards as traditionally published books. This makes your work more attractive for your readers. And, should this be important to you, it also increases your chances of attracting traditional publishers or literary agents. You would not be the first indie author to be offered a contract with one of the Big Five.

Reason 9: It Saves Time and Effort

Time is a limited resource that we all wish we had more of. We can’t miraculously make more time, but we can “find” more. 

While self-editing is important and you won’t want to skip it entirely, it’s also incredibly time-consuming. Hiring professional editing and proofreading services can save you a lot of time, effort, and frustration. Time and energy you can now use for other things, like working on your next novel. Or spending time with your loved ones. Heck, maybe you’d now finally have the time to go on that dream holiday!

Reason 10: Professional Editing Increases Your Sales Potential

That’s the goal, right? To sell more books. But you don’t want to go out there and sound like a broken record, constantly begging people to please, please buy your books.

This is another area where professional editing can help you. A well-edited novel with polished prose will gain more positive reviews. And not only that; it’s also more likely to get word-of-mouth recommendations. This will lead to more sales, more reviews and still more happy readers recommending your books to their friends.

Do yourself, your story, and your readers a favour: invest in professional editing. It will pay off!

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There you have it, 10 reasons why you need professional editing and proofreading. To put it simply, indie authors need to invest in professional editing and proofreading to make their work shine and attract readers.

If you’re ready to hire professional editing or proofreading services, check out KatzEdits. You can ask for a more information or a free sample edit (up to 1000 words) to see if you’re a good match. Individual payment plans can be discussed if you’re in a financially tight position. 

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